Chemonics Inc./ USAID

Chemonics is an international development consulting firm that promotes meaningful change to help people live healthier, more productive, and more independent lives. Around the world, they design and implement projects in financial services, private sector development, health, environmental management, gender, conflict and disaster management, democracy and governance, and agriculture.
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Project Name Description
Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP)

The objective of PEEP is to improve the enabling environment for the agriculture sector in Punjab to promote private sector led growth, especially focusing on horticulture, dairy and livestock sub-sectors. PEEP will help create internationally competitive policy environments for livestock, dairy and horticulture sub-sectors providing the private sector with the security required for investments in agriculture aimed at improving the quality and quantity of produce in the domestic market

Small & Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA)

The, USAID-funded, Small & Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) is a nation-wide, 4 years project, having been contracted out to Chemonics International. Purpose & Scope: SMEA’s development hypothesis is that SME-led economic growth will result in poverty reduction, job creation and entrepreneurship development contributing to increased GDP. SMEA aims to increase incomes and employment in project-assisted economic sectors and improve the enabling environment for private sector led growth in Pakistan. This activity will contribute to achieving USAID/Pakistan’s “Development Objective: “Improving economic status of focus populations”. Objectives:
1: Improved Business Enabling Environment (BEE), through improved GOP ability to develop and implement reforms of policies, laws and regulations. Strengthened private sector and civil society engagement in policy-making. Improvement in the business-enabling environment for SMEs will be sought by working with counterparts to reduce policy, legal and regulatory barriers and, build the capacity of the institutions key to SME-led growth in Pakistan.
2: Improved Economic Performance of Focus Enterprises, by taking steps, aiming to improve economic performance of 6,000 Pakistani SMEs in a maximum of seven manufacturing and service sectors, offering the best domestic and international competitive advantages. The sectors comprise information, communication and technology (ICT); light engineering; textile (minus spinning); hospitality; minerals (marble, granite & gems); logistics & packaging; and leather (minus tanning).
3: A ‘Grants Under Contract’ program, called the “Pakistan Challenge Fund for Technology and Innovation (PCFTI)”, is being established and run under the project, with objectives to test and pilot new ideas, and bring successfully demonstrated new ideas to fruition.

USAID FIRMS Project The overarching goal of the Empower Pakistan: FIRMS project was to develop a dynamic, internationally competitive, business sector in Pakistan that is increasing exports, employing more people, and producing higher value added products and services.