The overarching goal of the Empower Pakistan: FIRMS project was to develop a dynamic, internationally competitive, business sector in Pakistan that is increasing exports, employing more people, and producing higher value added products and services.

Services Provided

Semiotics carried out the following assignments: FIRMS’ Sector Assessment with Integrated District Profiles. Semiotics developed district economic and investment strategies, which specifically calls for an understanding of the requirements for business infrastructure and provide assistance in the development of short to medium term development strategies that best suit local needs. Mango Sector Baseline Survey and Mango Stakeholders consultation workshop for creating an effective forum for key stakeholders to define concerns and determine actions for the way forward, which would help raise exports of Pakistani mangoes in the international market. District-Sector Wise BDS Delivery Gap Analysis and BDSP Mapping to perform a demand-side service delivery gap analysis of BD services and to map the BDS providers currently serving the identified sectors. District Economic Development Strategies (Multan and Bahawalpur) to formulate District Economic Development Strategies for Multan and Bahawalpur districts through interactive and participatory approach. Gender mainstreaming-Training of government officials in Multan and Bahawalpur districts


Chemonics Inc./ USAID