Punjab Enabling Environment Project (PEEP)

The objective of PEEP is to improve the enabling environment for the agriculture sector in Punjab to promote private sector led growth, especially focusing on horticulture, dairy and livestock sub-sectors. PEEP will help create internationally competitive policy environments for livestock, dairy and horticulture sub-sectors providing the private sector with the security required for investments in agriculture aimed at improving the quality and quantity of produce in the domestic market

Services Provided

As subcontractor in the USAID funded PEEP project, Semiotics has provided technical assistance to the Department of Agriculture, Punjab, to help establish the “Agriculture Delivery Unit” (ADU), at the Department, to assist in its sustainable operationalization, and to serve the Unit as a technical resource under the direct supervision of Secretary Department of Agriculture. Provision of human resource for the Unit is currently underway. The experts, provided by Semiotics, also helped develop the systems and work processes to ensure sustainability of the unit. The experts undertook various assignments related to strategy, policy and reforms with the aim to support and facilitate the top leadership and policy makers of the department. In addition, they also provided necessary technical advice / recommendations on strategic issues, whenever required. Additionally, through another technical assistance under the PEEP project, Semiotics contributed in developing a comprehensive Pakistan Livestock Vision 2025, in consultation and under supervision of UVAS; after undertaking all necessary steps.


Chemonics Inc./ USAID