Project Name Description
DigiSkills - Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Project

IGNITE’S national Digital Skills (DigiSkills) Program aims to train one (1) million people across the country over a period of 2 years approximately and does so through three interlinked projects: DigiSkills Training Project; DigiSkills Outreach Project; and DigiSkills Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Project. Under the DigiSkills Training project, a large public University engaged in e-learning has been engaged and has started to impart on-line training through web-based training platform and Learning Management System, along with development of necessary training content to enable one million Pakistanis to enroll and take free online training courses. Under the DigiSkills Outreach project, a private sector firm has been engaged to design and implement its outreach content and strategy for the outreach channels e.g. Digital, Print), Electronic, and PR.