Project Name Description
Evaluation of Canada-Pakistan Debt for Education Conversion (DFEC) Project

Pakistan Debt for Education Conversion (DFEC) Initiative (2006 to 2019) was the largest teacher education programme ever sponsored by the international donors in the country, in terms of financial value (CDN$ 132.6 million), geographical spread, and number of beneficiaries and multiplicity of the interventions to convert Pakistan’s outstanding loans to Canada into education sector investment. The purpose of the evaluation was: to inform DFEC stakeholders on results achieved with the investments in the education sector of Pakistan as well as about the external and internal factors that have limited the achievement of the project results; highlight policy implications emanating from the project; provide lessons learned to inform future DFATD projects and programs in Pakistan, and for related or similar initiatives in other development countries, including possible future debt conversion; provide DFATD with lessons learned about debt conversion model for provision of development assistance.

Evaluation of Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Enhanced Participation in South Punjab’s Dairy Sector

Specific objectives of the assignment were: Assess the relevance and sustainability of results; Assess the effectiveness of the WEE project; Provide findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons to inform implementation and future design of projects funded by DFATD;