Evaluation of Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Enhanced Participation in South Punjab’s Dairy Sector

Specific objectives of the assignment were: Assess the relevance and sustainability of results; Assess the effectiveness of the WEE project; Provide findings, conclusions, recommendations and lessons to inform implementation and future design of projects funded by DFATD;

Services Provided

Semiotics identified external and internal constraints faced by the project ; Examined primary stakeholders’ (beneficiaries’- men and women separately) views on the project’s contribution (positive or negative) towards bringing about changes in their lives; Examined other key stakeholders’ views regarding the project, e.g., Livestock and Dairy Development Directorate, Women’s Development Directorate, the Cooperatives Department of the Punjab Province. Developed evaluation framework and instruments from WEE/GE perspective, Conducted telephonic quantitative survey and FGDs.