Rationalization of User Charges of Health Services, Technical Assistance Management Agency (TAMA)

TAMA was providing consultancy and technical assistance services to the sectors covering Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), mainly Health, Education, Special Education and Water Supply and Sanitation.
Health Sector Reform Program is a Government of Punjab’s Health Department’s project working exclusively on MDGs related to health. This program is in line with the overall poverty reduction strategy of Government and international commitments of the country specially with reference to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. PHSRP has undertaken various initiatives in this regards. One of these being study on rationalization of user charges at primary and secondary level health facilities, in order to make these facilities accessible to the poor and marginalized sections of the society.
TAMA has signed a contract with the Semiotics for rationalization of user charges. The objective of the assignment was to ensure that user rates not only meet economic and efficiency requirements for the Government but also are affordable to the general public and in close proximity to the rate they are actually currently paying because of rent seeking tendencies etc.

Services Provided

The consultancy was tasked to examine the official notified charges for various facilities offered at the Rural Health Centre (RHC), Tehsil Headquarter Hospital (THQ) and District headquarter Hospital (DHQ); conduct exit survey of facility users to understand their profile and to determine their actual out of pocket expenditure; compare the governmental rates with rates charged for similar services by the private sector health facilities in the same area; hold focus group discussions with the relevant stakeholders/decision makers and finally, offer recommendations for rationalization of user rates on the basis of this analysis of various health services and focus group discussions.


Technical Assistance Management Agency (TAMA)

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