National and Provincial Tuberculosis Control Program Review, Strategic Plans Development and Project Formulation, Support to the Social Action Program Project, Phase-II (SAPP-II)

Social Action Programme Project (SAPP-II) was a policy reform driven sector investment programme implemented by the Government of Pakistan (GOP) to raise the status of human development in the country in four basic social sectors: elementary education, primary health care, reproductive health, and rural water supply and sanitation.

Services Provided

Semiotics provided the services of highly qualified and experienced experts (male and female), among other, for designing, delivering and managing the health niche areas in AJK, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), FATA and the provinces of Baluchistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Northern Areas for the capacity building and strengthening of districts governments in service delivery. The niche areas, selected through a consultative process, were chosen among other criteria on gender disadvantaged basis. Situation Analysis of the Health and Population Sectors, Development of Long Term Vision and Strategic Plan and Strengthening of Systems in Northern Areas of Pakistan The objectives of the assignment were; to assess progress made and lessons learnt in implementation of 1995 Health Policy and the Northern Health Project, carry out a detailed situation analysis of health and population sector including public, private and non-governmental organizations, identify and prioritize strategic issues which need to be addressed to improve effectiveness, efficiency and quality of health care focusing on: demographic issues; health service delivery (primary, secondary and tertiary); human resource development; financial management and public private partnership, review census data and describe demographic trends and changes which have implications for health care delivery, review and analyze available data including PIHS, baseline assessment of Northern Health Project, HMIS and research studies to determine major causes of mortality and morbidity and identify high risk targets groups. assess health care service delivery in Northern Areas in terms of coverage, utilization and quality of care, disaggregated by public and private sector. National and Provincial Tuberculosis Control Program Review, Strategic Plans Development and Project Formulation The Goal of the technical assistance was to enhance the capacity of National and Provincial Tuberculosis Control Program, for effective programme planning and implementation. The consultants team was deployed to: design and conduct programme review in four provinces, AJK and Northern Areas, develop national, provincial and special areas strategic plans for DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course) implementation during next four years i.e. 2002-3 to 2006-7 and revise the national DOTS strategic plan accordingly, facilitate the capacity building of Anti-Tuberculosis Associations to deliver quality care to at least 20,000 Tuberculosis patients every year, facilitate rapid expansion of DOTS, by seeking support from Global Fund against Tuberculosis, Malaria and AIDS (GFTMA) by preparing and submitting a Country Coordinated Proposal (CCI) for Tuberculosis for the activities of the National TB Control Program and its partners, assist the National TB Control Program to design and conduct review and planning sessions on distribution of GDF drugs, computers etc. and to prepare annual report. Strengthening of District Health System in Khairpur Strengthening of district health system initiative was started in one districts of Sindh province viz. Khairpur. The Technical Assistance was provided for: preparing roles and responsibilities of Health Facility Management Committee (HFMC) consisting of 5-6 members, Identified focal person from the HFMC for referral and identified his/ her roles and responsibilities, Prepared terms of reference for the members of HFMC, Formed HFMC in all the BHUs of Taluka Khairpur and Gambat in district Khairpur, Prepared curriculum for training of members of HFMC, Conducted training of HFMC members, developed a system of sustainable functioning of the HFMC, Reviewed/ evaluated the existing HMIS curriculum for refresher’s training, Conducted HMIS refresher training of all health facility managers in district Khairpur, Reviewed the existing health budget in district Khairpur, Identified various options for generation of additional funds for health, Prepared mechanism to implement these options and recommend the most suitable and workable option.


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