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Project Name Description
Enabling Environment Assessment

Objectives of the project were: • To determine the complex inter-institutional dynamics and fiscal alignment within the sector. • To create a clearer understanding of the challenges and bottlenecks at various levels that must be addressed for a well-functioning sanitation program. • To assess the monitoring, evaluation and sustainability mechanisms within the program. • Identification of gaps to make government understand so as to make better decisions in policy implementation and capacity building. To provide clearer vision as to how the country can meet the 2015 MDG sanitation target.

GIS Support – Establishment of a Water and Sanitation Utility in Peshawar City
Monitoring and Evaluation- National Oilseed Development Project
Municipal Services (Water Sanitation & Solid Waste Management) Training Program for Professionals in KP

The aim of the training was to successfully impart the best of knowledge and skills in the young professionals. The training made them aware of the on-ground conditions, best practices and the practical and modern approach that they need to adopt for the development and improvement in the SWM as well as WSS. The training modules were equally divided into subjects from all the three core topics i.e. Water Supply, Sanitation and SWM.

National Oilseed Development Project - Technical Assistance
National Vocational Training Project
Primary Education Project- Research Studies
Quality and Management Issues in Elementary Education in Northern Areas
Secondary Education Reform Project Preparation