Management Development Programme (MDP) under the Restructuring of Technical Education and Vocational Training System Project, NWFP

The Restructuring of Technical Education and Vocational Training System Project aimed at strengthening the effectiveness and competitiveness of the Technical Education and Vocational Training(TVET) system through policy reforms to improve quality, relevance and efficiency of TEVT institutions in NWFP. The project envisaged besides other, improvement of management of TEVT System in NWFP. The project was basically meant for strengthening the capabilities of principals, teachers and key TEVT officials to gear them towards assuming more responsibilities and autonomy in planning, management and effective utilization of resources in their institutions.

Services Provided

A team of four consultants comprising Institutional Development Specialist/Team Leader, Management Development Specialist, Management Information System and Research and Development Specialist were deployed at Directorate of Technical Education and Manpower training to augment the capacity of Directorate for introduction of reforms for improving the quality of trainees. Services included development and implementation of customized management training program for Directorate staff, development and installation of MIS, technical support for introducing research culture in training institutions and overall implementation support for managing and implementing project.


Asian Development Bank