Assessment of Capacity and Capacity Building Institutions in Five Large Cities of Punjab Development Policy Loans Sector

The Government of Punjab in collaboration with the World Bank addressed the range of structural and institutional impediments/ short comings to urban development and management in Punjab and to enhance economic growth by initiating an urban sector reform program in the five (5) large Cities in the Province [Punjab large Cities Development Policy Loan (DPL).

Services Provided

Semiotics conducted an assessment of capacity building institutions and curricula in five (5) large Cities in the Punjab Province. Semiotics evaluated capacity building institutions activities at the local, provincial, national and international level, identified capacity building needs and curricula for local Government officials dealing with urban sector planning and development, prepared detailed profile of capacity building institutions, suggested capacity building programs for specific areas and function of local governments, formulated objective and practical proposal for institutional arrangements which will enable sustainable capacity building of public institutions in the Province.


The Urban Unit / World Bank

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