Role of Private Sector in the Provision of Basic Education


The objectives of the study were to: determine nature and quantum of contribution of private institutions at the level of Basic Education; review the quality of education being imparted in private educational institutions at Basic level; evaluate the qualification and experience of teachers, administrators and supervisor working in private institutions; study comparatively the private institutions and government institutions in terms of facilities, qualification of teachers and other academic and physical facilities; evaluate the contribution of the federal and provincial governments in encouraging the private sector to venture into deprived rural areas and to draw conclusions about the validity of present policy initiatives and make recommendations for correcting these initiatives in such a way that the private sector finds greater encouragement in enhancing educational facilities in the country.



Semiotics Assembled and mobilized the research team. Developed the strategy for conducting the survey Designed and pre-tested the research instruments for government and private sector institutions, education foundations, policy and decision makers and achievement tests of students of government and private sector institutions. Hired and trained the field staff for primary and secondary data collection. Undertook a comprehensive survey of target groups and achievement tests. Carried out literature review; Analyzed the primary and secondary data; Prepared draft and final reports with findings, conclusions and recommendations.

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