Institutional Strengthening/ Capacity Building of Directorate of Education, - Northern Areas Education Project


The Northern Areas Education (NAEP) was the Department for International Development’s (DFID) contribution to the Northern Education Project (NEP) a World Bank, GOP and local communities funded Project implemented in the Northern Areas of  Pakistan (now Gilgit-Baltistan). NAEP, included all of the technical assistance to NEP.

In 1998 DFID contracted the British Council to manage the NAEP and the British Council sub contracted to Semiotics to provide the technical assistance in selected areas for the project in view of its extensive expertise in the education sector of Pakistan



Semioticsprovided the following technical assistance to the British Council/DFID for capacity development of the Directorate of Education, Northern Areas at the central and district level for achieving the objectives of the project: Semiotics recruited and managed the consultants and provided project management support, backstopping and other logistics facilities. Assisted and supported in:

  • Designing  and developing  a series of training workshops and training modules on social mobilization and gender sensitization.
  • Introduction of efficient and effective office management practices and use of computer and communication technology,
  • Developed job descriptions and performance evaluation tools for office support staff.
  • Trained the secretarial staff of the Directorate in effective office practices
  • Evaluation of the community participation component of the project
  • Reviewed the Field Based Teachers Programme (FBTP) and prepared a detail plan to assess the impact of this training.
  • Developed monitoring indicators and identified sources of data for computing the indicators, monitored project progress against agreed indicators
  • Wrote terms of reference for Longitudinal Study. detailed designing and planning of a Longitudinal Study.
  • Designed, developed a comprehensive plan for data gathering and analysis, integrating all Directorate’s information requirements.
  • Computerized the financial management system and consolidated the DoE’s accounts systems,

Setting up of comprehensive procurement system compatible with the World Bank guidelines, 

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