Technical Eduction Project

The Technical Education Project, was a five year, US $ 6.5 million project funded by the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Pakistan to improve the quality, relevance, cost effectiveness and institutional capacity of technical education and training to make it more relevant to the country’s development needs and to support industrial growth.  The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) Canada and SemioticsConsultants (Pvt.) Ltd. were appointed by the Ministry of Education to manage the Technical Assistance (TA) component of the this project that covered Curriculum and Teacher Development, Policy Planning and Management and Project Management.

The Technical Education Project spanned across Federal Capital and all four provinces.  To efficiently manage the project, Semiotics established dedicated project offices in Islamabad and all four provinces to provide back stopping, logistic, secretarial and administrative support to the consultants as well as to the project management units.  As a result, the project was able to accomplish the following:

  • Design of curricula for 12 new technologies
  • Revised and redesigned 10 curricula for existing technologies
  • Authored 239 Teaching-Learning Resources
  • Prepared lists of equipment/furniture including complete specifications and estimated costs
  • Identified books and A.V. aids for new and existing technologies
  • Proposed plans for 24 labs/shops
  • Suggested additions/alterations to buildings under construction
  • Recommended requirements for staff, their qualifications, training needs, and salary structure

In addition, the consultants conducted seminars/workshops/focus group discussions with male and female target groups, trained the counterparts and the teachers, and submitted 77 end-of-deployment reports.

Furthermore, Semiotics designed and developed a Technical Education Management Information System (TEMIS) that connected Technical Institutes with the Provincial Directorates of Technical Education as well as with the National Institute of Science and Technial Education at the Federal Level.

What's New

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