Innovation for Poverty Reduction Project

IPRP is based on the principle of poverty reduction through innovative and market oriented diversification in the natural resource management. The projects have a strong focus on human and institution development and participatory planning and implementation of the development activities. The project started on 1st January 2003 and is in its Phase 2. During this phase, the project focus will remain on medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) naturally growing in mountains and inclusion of Agriculture and livestock, non formal education and functional literacy for women and Pine Nuts. It is operating in Malakand Division of NWFP Pakistan and it currently focuses on six valleys namely Chail Madyan, Lalkoo and Roringar(Swat), Chagharzai (Buner), Shishi and Karimabad (Chitral). Nine different NGOs are project's partners in implementing activities in the field.

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