Feasibility Study on proposed $100 million Private Equity Fund and Private Sector Mapping for Pakistan, for Identifying and Developing Inclusive Business (IB) model 1. Private Equity Fund Feasibility Study and Private Sector Mapping Consultancy in Pakista


The objectives of the assignment were to participate in a feasibility study for set up of a BoP/ inclusive business (IB) capital market fund; To support ADB in the facilitation of a national investment seminar in Pakistan. SNV recruited Semiotics to conduct the following two studies.

1. Private Equity Fund Feasibility Study and Private Sector Mapping Consultancy in Pakistan

To identify private enterprises that are working or have the potential to work with the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) markets and establish a database of potential firms in Pakistan in order to demonstrate the potential pipeline for a $100 million private equity fund in Pakistan. 


2. Financial Market Study in Pakistan

To develop private sector business opportunities within the base of the pyramid that would improve the poor’s access to sustained jobs and quality services as well as increased income. 

More specifically the objective of the above assignment was to prepare a detailed report on the financial market in Pakistan’s cities of Karachi & Lahore with a focus on:

  • •    Information on the capital market system
  • •    Types of capital investment funds in Pakistan
  • •    Disaggregation of investment data based on those with high social impact
  •     Identification of investment sectors with potentially high social impact 



Semiotics carried out the following activities:

  • Initial survey of companies capable of undertaking “Inclusive Business” activities.
  • Identification of local markets at the bottom of the pyramid

Preliminary assessment of private equity funds in Pakistan and regulatory environment

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