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Programme Evaluation of the Punjab Education Sector Programme


DFID Pakistan (DFID-P) hired Semiotics to conduct a programme Evaluation of DFID support to PESP. Objective of the evaluation was to assess what has worked well in terms of planning, management, influence, effectiveness and delivery process of DFID and other donors’ support, as well as to enhance learning and knowledge. The evaluation also spelled out what has not worked well and why. The study informed the design of the DFID’s proposed further support of £200 million over five year to the Education Sector in Punjab and will improve the development effectiveness of DFID-P’s overall education portfolio (£645.5 million for four years). 



The evaluation assessed the extent to which DFID’s interventions in regards to access, quality and governance (including fiscal management) were relevant, efficient and effective as well as determining whether the focus on access, quality and governance was the correct approach for the Programme. Both qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques (including interviews, surveys, focus group discussions and field observations) were used to obtain a practical understanding of not just what happened over the period and under these reforms.Nine districts were selected based on geographic representation, population size, well-being and Punjab Government education indicators.  Interviews with district education officials were conducted, comprising a total of 73 such individuals. At the province and programme level, personnel from 8 institutions were also interviewed. Moreover, a quantitative survey in three districts involving 36 schools and 144 school-level respondents was also conducted, supplemented by 20 focus group discussions. Comprehensive questionnaires were designed by the consultants to guide these interviews, geared towards understanding the programme’s functioning, strengths and weaknesses at various levels.  Information and intelligence gathered was compiled and analysed to determine the progress of the programme vis-à-vis programme planning, management, processes, strategies.

Semiotics recruited national and international consultants. Provided administrative and logistics support to consultants and field teams. Developed the strategy for conducting the research. Held discussions with Senior Managers at the Education Department, PMIU, DSD, PEC, PEF etc. Designed and pre-tested the research instruments. Hired and trained the field staff for data collection. Carried out survey/ interviews/ FGDs in the selected districts of Punjab. Analyzed the primary and secondary data. Prepared the reports including recommendations for improvements

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