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DFID – Education Fund for Sindh Baseline Study


The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is committed to improve education provision in Pakistan by getting four million children in schools by 2015.  For Sindh, it aims to get 1 million additional children in school by 2017, with girls making at least 55% of this target, and helping them acquire literacy and numeracy skills is an ambitious target for DFID. In line with DFID’s Operational Plan for Pakistan 2008-2013, it has committed up to £80 million to support the education sector in Sindh.  The aim is to enrol and support 266,000 additional children in Sindh aged between 5 and 9 and help them to acquire literacy and numeracy skills. One of the assignments under the project was to set up baseline with a view to measure the project impact and to identify who the out of school children are (their characteristics), how many and where.



Both, quantitative and qualitative investigations took place in order to address the scope of work for the study.  Districts of Karachi and two rural districts were selected for conducting House Hold and School surveys.  In order to conduct this baseline, a total of 1,226 households were surveyed while 150 school level interviews took place; this included testing of students in grades 1 and 2 for literacy and numeracy skills.   Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) data was used to select union councils and households within them.  In addition, district education officials were consulted with and focus group discussions with out-of-school children, students and community representatives took place.

Assembled and mobilized the research teams. Developed the strategy for conducting the researches.  Held briefing meetings with the senior staff involved in the project. Acquired BISP data to be used for House Hold Surveys.  Designed and pre-tested the research instruments for both House Hold and School Surveys (including Private Schools). Hired and trained the field staff for data collection in Karachi as well as two rural districts. Carried out survey/ interviews/ Focus Group Discussions. Prepared data entry structure and Analyzed the primary and secondary data. Prepared the reports including recommendations for improvements.  


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