National Oilseed Development Project - Technical Assistance


National Oilseed Development Project was designed by the Government of Pakistan in collaboration with World Bank. The main objectives of the project was to reduce the import of edible oils by stimulating domestic production of traditional (mustards & rape seed) and non-traditional (sun-flower, soybean, safflower) oilseeds through well coordinated efforts.



The objectives of the technical assistance were to provide advice on developing monitoring and evaluation system, enhancing research coordination between four Provinces and Federal Agencies, strengthening on going efforts to facilitate and induct private sector in procurement of Oilseed crops through three way agreement, review the existing capabilities of seed production agencies in private and public sectors, review the existing system of technology transfer and to write a new edible oilseeds strategy for Pakistan with the aim to increase edible production in the country to reduce dependency on imported edible oil and study the means and measures to make production of domestically produced edible oil economically viable and have comparative advantage over imported oil.


Pakistan Agriculture Research Council

World Bank

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