Forest Sector Planning Study


Primary objective of the Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) tree growing activities was to support and encourage the tobacco growers in developing their own fuel wood resources needed in large amounts for tobacco leaf curing. Importance of the environmental and meeting the strategic requirement of the country are the other important consideration for which tree growth is supported. Aesthetic plantations were also encouraged particularly in the urban areas.

The study was basically aimed at assessing the survival rate of nearly four million tree saplings distributed by PTC leaf depots during the year 2002. The secondary objectives were: to correlate the plant survival rate with important attributes like attitude of farmers towards tree planting, type of plantation, age/condition of planting stock, irrigation, use of various inputs etc; to identify weaknesses (if any) in the current system adopted by PTC for development and distribution of planting stock and give suggestions for improvement; to evaluate performance of different species planted by the growers under PTC plantation programme in terms of survival percentage; to give a comparison of plant survival in plantations grown in target areas of various PTC depots.




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