Project Performance Audit (PPAR) of Third Health Project


Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided loan to Department of Health, NWFP and Balochistan to improve health care delivery;  development of health manpower; setting up of medical equipment and maintenance  and repair workshop and improvements in the planning and management of health care services under Third Health Project.



Semiotics assisted the Asian Development Bank Operations Evaluation Mission in conducting Project Performance Audit (PPAR) of Third Health Project. The specific services provided were:

  • Assist the Mission during its fieldwork and coordinate activities with Government staff.
  • Assisted in the design of the survey questionnaires and interview guides, translation and pre-testing of questionnaires;
  • Identified , recruited  and trained survey personnel and organized the work of the survey teams;
  • Implemented the Beneficiaries surveys and arranged Focus group discussions with community leaders, paramedics and professionals, prepared case studies;
  • Provided technical support to the survey teams and arranged visits to the project sites, meetings with appropriate executing and implementing agencies’ officials.
  • Collected primary and secondary data from health centers, district offices, Departments of Health, Ministry of Health, as well as alternative sources of information.
  • Collated and analyzed data.
  • Prepare separate survey reports on NWFP and Balochistan, and a consolidated report incorporating the main findings and issues, lessons learned, recommendations and follow-up actions.
  • Submit reports together with background material and information

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