Poverty and Social Impact Analysis Study


The Government of the Punjab planned to develop urban areas of the Province into sustainable, livable and well managed engines of economic growth as envisaged in the Vision 2020. There was a range of structural and institutional impediments to urban development and management in Punjab. To address these short comings and to enhance economic growth, the Government of Punjab in collaboration with the World Bank, initiated an Urban Sector Reform Program in the five (5) large Cities (Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan)  in the Province. Poverty and Social Impact Assessment was carried out to assess the impact of reforms on marginalized and vulnerable groups.



Semiotics assembled and mobilized the research team. Developed the strategy for conducting the assessment. Designed and pre-tested the assessment instruments with the assistance of International Consultant.  Recruited, trained and managed field teams for data collection; prepared survey manual. Selected the HH sample with the assistance of Federal Bureau of Statistics, Prepared household listing in the selected enumeration blocks, Designed and implemented Household Survey in five large cities of Punjab covering 11000 HH. Recorded the coordinates of the HH and other important installation with GPS.  Carried out qualitative research and case studies to supplement the findings of HH survey. Prepared analysis plan for data returns. Analyzed the primary and secondary data. Carried out analysis of existing mechanisms to protect vulnerable urban residents.  Prepared inception, draft and final reports. Recommended M&E plan to gauge the effect of reforms agenda.  Trained the Urban Unit staff in PSIA techniques.

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